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The Valencian School for Health Studies (EVES) is a consultative body for the Valencian Government Health Department in matters concerning scientific-technical support for research and teaching within the regional government administration (Generalitat) and specifically within its Department of Health.

The following roles have been assigned.:

  • Continuous training, recycling and fine-tuning for those working in the areas of health and health system management/administration.
  • Consultancy for health research policies and prioritisation.
  • Promotion of research related directly to the needs of the Valencian Community.
  • Consultancy for the Department of Health and other Generalitat bodies who require its assistance.

Our MISSION is to contribute toward the enhancement of health and quality of life ; to the improvement of health programmes; to the bettering of service through training programmes;and to the optimisation of health research and consultancy for professionals and political authorities within the Department of Health.

Our VISION is to be recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence in training, research, consultancy and for the difusion of know-how in public health, health administration and in user attention with bench mark quality.

Our VALUES provide the energy and the raison-détre that power our personnel to advance and progress. These values are intrinsic in all activity and in the decision-making process taken at EVES and in the conduct and attitudes of those who wish to achieve coherence in the desired results.

Therefore, these values are the trademark of the Valencian School for Health Studies. Defined, they are:

  • Students, teaching staff and other personnel working at EVES make up the core of activity.
  • Desire for Leadership.
  • A compromise for quality, continuous improvement are intrinsic to EVES´culture.
  • Team work, collaboration and co-operation among services.
  • A commitment toward the introduction and promotion of new technologies.
  • The promotion of participation and internal/external communication.
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